It’s if I had slept all weekend. A long bank holiday weekend. It took a while to recover from last week. So many things happened. There were so many meetings, people to talk to, things to think about and to consider.

I asked Pádraig today whether I would read him the article I got published in this German OT journal and he said yes. At the end the two of us were crying. It’s just the enormity of what happened over the past four years and the normality of today. A normality none of us had ever imagined. At the time of the accident, when we thought he’d survive, our biggest fear was that he would have to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. We just didn’t know what it meant to suffer a brain injury of this gravity. And that was a good thing.

I still have dreams. Real dreams, In the morning, when I’m only half asleep. I can see into the future, or just imagine it. Free of trouble. No need to worry. All one.

Although we were both sad, both Pádraig and I liked reading the story of his journey into  his new life. And into my new life. A journey we are making in the best of company. On the dreamboat.

(Pádraig had two visitors today who volunteered to translate the article into Gaeilge and Béarla over the next few weeks.)