It had been worthwhile getting up in the middle of the night to make it for our 8:30 appointment in Kiel with an absolutely brilliant Occupational Therapist, or: Ergotherapeut as they are called in Germany, working for a Red Cross competency and training centre in the area of assistive technology.

We were introduced to some equipment we had never seen before: a really cool high-tech walker as well as a hand made brilliantly designed ‘jump suit’ for walking when suspended from the ceiling.

But the absolute highlight of the morning happened when Pádraig managed to do something he himself very likely wasn’t aware he is capable of and would most likely not have tried had it not been for the encouragement of this exceptional OT: he moved a mouse (disguised as a fire ball on the computer screen) not just down (that was easy) but also up, then left and finally right across the screen. – Truly sensational firsts!! Pádraig was so proud – and so were we!

Pádraig is not quite there yet, but imagine: if he manages to do this correctly, he will be able to drive his own wheelchair using a joy stick.

Talking about wheelchairs – the OT didn’t quite like Pádraig’s wheelchair which he felt was an off the peg ‘caring’ wheelchair whereas someone like Pádraig should have a customised outdoors wheelchair – as all the kids in his institution receive…

Oh – we got a loan of that joy stick and we will try to get not just the game Pádraig played there today, but also a tractor driving game with foot controls and a wheel.

What a day!