Following up on yesterday’s ‘swinging’ theme – here is a selection of swings and harnesses suspended from the ceiling of a couple of OT practices Pádraig and us visited. It all looks pretty simple but there are literally decades of experience in the constructs.

Some are more for fun, stimulation or relaxation (does that sound contradictory?), some are more for support and safety, for example when walking.

There were other things we discovered: for example, that you can build your own drum using a flower pot cover by a towel drenched in gelatine (which will get hard when it dries) and  secured with a simple string. Isn’t that ingenious? Although we didn’t check that I believe what we were told: if you take a flower pot with a hole in the bottom you can ‘blow’ out a candle by holding that hole close to it and beating the drum!

Something else I learned today is how closely connected our ability to ‘feel’ is to our ability to ‘move’. And how closely connected the feeling in our fingertips is to feelings and senses in our mouth.

In the end, everything seems to be connected!