Pádraig’s therapist near Tating suggested to list all the things he is able to do. It’s such an obvious suggestion and, like many obvious thoughts this one never really occurred to me.

Maybe it’s because we know what he can do. But then, most of the therapist (and really most of the people) seeing Pádraig don’t. They know part of what he can do, usually the part they are working on with him: physios know physio things, speech and language therapists know about SLT stuff he can do, and so on. It would also help us and himself to see how he has been improving over time.

I’m in Dortmund to meet old friends. Part of the reason is that 40 years ago we got our Abitur, our leaving certificate, Some of us haven’t met for many decades, with some I meet every few years. They are strange those meetings because on one hand, so many things have happened to each of us, On the other hand, some of us have such strong common memories that we can just continue were we left the last time we met. Be it as it will,