Some time ago, someone I’d never met sent me the name of an occupational therapist specialised in neurological rehabilitation in Garding (!), just a few kilometres from here. Pádraig had an appointment there today and it was fabulous. We agreed two long sessions per week for the next few weeks.

There was me, writing about Pádraig’s journey. About our visits to Rainer and his pub in Garding with the live music sessions on weekends all year ’round. Someone, with family in Tating, and having worked in Garding, reads this and makes the connections.

You can say what you will, this would not have happened without the internet, the web, and people ‘talking’ to each other – even if they never meet in person.

We are planning to celebrate tomorrow. We’re not quite sure yet how, but we’re getting ready for it. Who’d ever have thought we’d get this far?

“The trip was to be an odyssey in the fullest sense of the word, an epic journey that would change everything.”
Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild