Germany never stops to amaze me. And I should know better! Looking for batteries in a supermarket I saw a machine where the shop offered to its customers to peel asparagus, never saw anything like it in my life – though it’s important to note here that Germans go MAD about asparagus! Then, when we went for a walk on the ‘beach’ of Vollerwiek, I was reminded that there is such a thing as a beach for dogs, a ‘Hundestrand’! Of course, both the ‘Badestrand’ and the ‘Hundestrand’ are ‘kostenpflichtig’, i.e. you have to pay to go to the beach.

Not today, though. Earlier, we had the Donnerwetter of all Donnerwetters with rolling thunder and lightning combined with torrential rain. This afternoon, it was still so windy, there was still what they call here a “Steife Brise”, that if almost blew Pádraig out of his wheelchair.

You wouldn’t believe it but he days here are extremely busy. Busy in such a way that at the end of the day I’m asking myself what happened with that day? It just disappeared into nowhere. It’s a bit like life feels at times. You wonder where all the years went, what happened to them. That’s why it’s good to take time out and do things you remember. I’m mixing old memories with new ones these days. Not always easy, but I have that feeling it’s worthwhile doing.