Off to Saint Savin! It’s a tiny village in the mountains with an ancient 900 year-old Romanesque Church and spectacular view into the valley and the surrounding mountains.We left early, had mass and then had a long, really pleasant break in a small green behind the church. Pádraig took the opportunity to have Forty Winks in the Sun! Yes, the sun came out today after days and days of rain and cold.

When we arrived back in Lourdes, we had an other group picture taken on the roof top of the Accueil by an incredibly stressed out photographer who really struggled to organise all those wheelchair users and their helpers into a space that was very tight – even considering that he was standing dangerously high up on a ladder.

This afternoon, and for the first time as far as I know, there were security checks at the entrance to the sanctuary with people having to open their bags so they could be checked for weapons and explosives. There are also very large blocks of concrete placed in front of the entrance to stop suicide drivers.

The world’s gone crazy.

But none of that really bothered us today. We’ll remember those Forty Winks in the Sun, pure pleasure!