Which is the best system?

Here is the answer to the question that must have been bothering you for a long time.

Pádraig and I came across this graffiti when we were on our way to the annual Pforzheim Beerfest – which, it turned out, will be kicked of tomorrow, rather than today as we had thought…

So we had to resort to plan B and settle for a beer garden.

We: Pádraig and his physio who is spending a week with us at the rehab centre as well as the other Irish family who is here at the moment (until this coming Saturday). We had a wonderful, very therapeutic afternoon, practicing all those activities of daly living (ADL) that are so essential for everybody in rehab. It was brilliant and to me felt like a big change in the rehab system we’ve got used to and have accepted as the norm.

System change. Practiced. Al fresco. – Good vibes and happy faces. What more could you wish for?