You’d be forgiven to think “Peng” is a Chinese name (I think it is), but in Germany ‘Peng” is what a balloon ‘says’ when you stick a needle into it. Which is what Angela Merkel did to the opposition leader and their leading candidate Martin Schulz over the past few weeks. The way all this was translated into the title of the latest edition of the Stern magazine is really brilliant, I think. And the expressions on the faces of the two contenders are just priceless.

I’d like to stick a needle into this balloon that says ‘rehab for sABI survivors is a waste of scarce resources’ and deflate it. It’s an argument that was used in Germany 25 years ago when a father set up a hospital to help his young daughter to recover from her severe brain injury.

And recover she did. PENG!

Pádraig had a brilliant and eventful day. His physio from Ireland is here too working with us for a week. It’s such a positive, can-do approach, hard work, huge efforts – but great return.