Pádraig’s got all the foot and legwork under control he’ll need when to walk: he can lift his foot up front and back, and he can move his legs forth and back – even against resistance which is, as we know, futile:)

Here are two really short clips recorded today. Looking at this out of context it’s not really that spectacular. Knowing the effort Pádraig put in to get to a point where he is in control of his feet and his legs, this is pretty extraordinary, in my mind.

First off: the footwork.


“The best ever” is what Pádraig’s physio remarked when he moved his leg back today when sitting in his wheelchair ‘swinging’ his legs.


His physio also asked him how many people were at his ‘party’ yesterday and he ‘bleeped’ 13 times – which is what I would have said. And I’m sure, as he was pressing that switch for each of his friends who had been with him, he was thinking of their names and seeing their faces in his mind.

All Dreamboaters.