Connected Pádraig’s telly to chromecast (again!) so that we can now do stuff on the internet, watch movies, or play games on the ‘big screen’.

I never really had used Google Play to look up movies and was surprised to see some quite recent movies for not too much money. Just to see how it worked, I bought “My Scientology Movie”, describe by Rotten Tomatoes as “stranger than fiction” – because it looks like an interesting ‘documentary’ and because when some of Pádraig’s friends visited yesterday we were talking about their really expensive and luxurious looking Dublin Headquarters and the fact that I had heard that as Tom Cruise had reached the highest level of enlightenment, he can fly. Tom Cruise can fly. In fact, he is, as I was told, so enlightened, that he doesn’t even have to show the stuff he can do. He can just do it.

One of Pádraig’s therapists proposed a few things to him, things he should do while in Germany. Starting to write. Eventually a book (that therapist is very curious about finding out how Pádraig has perceived what is going on around him), but first a few practice runs at spelling sending text messages.

And if you want to text what do you need? – Right! A mobile phone. He should have a phone anyhow, said the therapist. He should also start using his Facebook account more frequently.

Someone else told us to buy this (Chinese) machine that stimulated muscles by sending very tiny electrical current through the muscles, and to use that for maybe 15 minutes everyday in order to ‘wake up’ muscles Pádraig hasn’t been using for some years now. Sounded like a really good idea. And so we did and started to use it. Pádraig says he likes it. I tried it myself and will try it again – it’s an interesting feeling.

Pádraig and I will be here on our own next week (until Thursday) and I have told him that we will go out and do something every afternoon. I’ve been thinking of going to a museum, watch a movie, go to a play (if there’s one on in the afternoon), or go to a concert (again, if there’s one on in the afternoon). He’s easy, he says, and doesn’t mind what we’ll be doing first, he’d be happy to do any of these things – which tells me that we should be doing ANY of these things much more frequently.

Finally, we’ll be having a get-together tomorrow afternoon to pre-celebrate (a little) his birthday as he won’t be here for it and to say ‘good-bye’ to friends for a while since we’ll be going to Germany this coming Friday. Feel free to join us!

Pádraig won’t fly – we’ll be taking the ferry to France:)