No idea where this day went. It just disappeared into thin air. I have a list of what happened: PAs arrived at 7am, the speech and language therapist (SLT) at 9am, physio at 10.30, massage at 11.30, lunch at 12.30, TG4 film crew 13.30, music therapy at 4pm, friends at 6pm, TG4 film crew left at about 8pm, camera man at 9pm. The camera man very kindly left me some pretty cool camera to film our adventures on the camino!

Tomorrow will be easy and straight forward in comparison. Ferry will leave at 8.45. We’ll drive about 2 hours to get to the manufacturing plant for Pádraig’s Mountain Trike specially manufactured wheelchair. With a bit of luck we’ll catch the fast ferry back a around 5pm to arrive back in Dublin at 7pm.

To be honest: my head is spinning a bit but I’m sure it’ll all sort itself out and all will be just alright.