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Ok. I did not write this. I found it in an informal competition on writing the longest sentence possible in text speak. There’s all sorts of things to say about using abbreviations which most mortals have to look up on lists to make sense of. I’ve heard of people who made up abbreviations to confuse the receiver of the message – or just to have some (very weird) fun.

RFK is not one of these abbreviation, it’s the initials of the brother of JFK (everybody recognises that acronym), former US attorney general and senator Robert F. Kennedy. He once said – and I couldn’t find out in which context: Don’t get mad get even. You probably know that RFK was assassinated, so you would be excused if you believed that maybe, just maybe that strategy of his didn’t work as well as it sounds and as he thought it would.

I still like it. Mostly because “getting mad” has a taste of helplessness, of not being in control of the situation, like avictim-type reaction. Whereas “getting even” has the feel of an eye-to-eye relationship, a much more controlled, rational approach that will just not allow certain things to pass.

The one, but very important, downside to all that kind of thinking is that you might spend your time trying to get even, when the person or institution that is getting all your attention and all your available time isn’t really worth it. It could all be quite a waste of time. Trying to get even. When you really have more important, positive and proactive things to do. – Probably worthwhile reflecting on this a little more…

Today, I booked the hotels for the 2nd leg of the Camino Celta in Spain: one night in A Coruña, four nights in Ordes, and two nights in a priests’ seminary (no less) in Santiago. Great to have that organised and to know that wheelchair accessible rooms will be ready for Pádraig when he gets there.

As a good, newly made friend recently put it: Onwards towards Santiago!

It means so much and puts the pitiful ignorance of neglect into its place.

Dreamboaters. Ahoy!