There are many Irish heroes. Most of them died a tragic death (which seems to be part of the deal to become a hero). Tom Crean is the exception that proves the rule to be correct. He died in a hospital in Cork at the age of 61. As a young man, at the beginning of the last century, Tom joined several expeditions to explore the South Pole with Captain Scott and Ernest Shackleton. During these expeditions.

Today I went to Dingle to explore the last 25km of the Kerry Camino we’ll walk with Pádraig in early April (arrival 5th, walk 6th-7th, return 8th), on the bicycle. I started just 3km outside of Annascaul to make up the necessary 25km to Dingle. Annascaul is the birthplace of Tom Crean and it is marked by a famous pub, the South Pole Inn Annascaul.

At the end of today’s tour, I sat down there in the sunshine and thought that this is the right place to start Pádraig’s Camino – to start at a place that is closely connected to one of the bravest Irishmen we know. – Wouldn’t you agree?