Imagine that: internationally more than 40%, and in Ireland (really, not so surprisingly) more than 60% (!) of survivors with a severe acquired brain injury are wrongly diagnosed as not being conscious.

Close your eyes for a second and put yourself into that space: lying in bed, “staring at the ceiling”, wondering why on earth people around are ignoring you. Completely. Talking to you in the third person. Never directing a word to you. A consultant saying that any therapy on you would be wasted.

This is, in the real life of Pádraig and many others like him, what is happening.
Every day.

What we want to make happen with the An Saol Foundation is to make sure that no-one will ever be left in that position: “staring at the ceiling”, wondering what is going on…

What we want is what Lionel Richie so absolutely brilliantly captured in his dazzling Motown song and video “Dancing on the Ceiling“.

Can you feel the fun and the energy?

Turning things upside down!

Looking at the world from a completely different perspective!

No more staring at the ceiling – we’ll be dancing on it!

Join us. Make it happen. Now.