Tonight we’re getting ready to join Vincent Browne at 11pm on his TV3 show where he usually discusses important matters of the day with important people. Tonight it’ll be Pat and I. You can just imagine that we are that tiny little bit nervous about this whole thing.

We’ve been thinking a bit about what we’ll be saying, what is the important point to bring across. There is the scandal of the abandonment of persons with a severe acquired brain injury (sABI) that needs to be highlighted again and again and again. But, more importantly, we want to highlight the fact that NOW is the time to do something about it. The proposal for the An Saol Pilot Project has been accepted by Minister Harris and by the HSE. It was included in the HSE’s 2017 Service Plan. Why is it taking so long to implement it? What does it say about the HSE that a project that has been approved gets stuck in bureaucracy and doesn’t see the light of day?

We need champions, energetic trail-blazers, Dreamboaters – where are they?

Tonight, we hope to connect with some of these extraordinary people who have the capacity and the willingness to make change happen. To claim the fundamental human rights of those who have been abandoned and neglected by professionals and society – just because they have a severe acquired brain injury.

Together we will change the hearts and minds of people.

Together we will make life worth living. For everyone.