Back home, I visited our neighbours to one side. A man, older than myself (!), who decided to get his wife out of a nursing home because he considered it not to be good enough for her. I admire him so much for what he is doing for his wife. I’ve never heard of anyone doing anything like it.

We then invited neighbours to the other side over to try a bit of the Galician ham and cheese I had brought back from Santiago. It’s their last night in their house they have lived in for many decades. It was a lovely night with good conversations and great company.

Life without good neighbours who look out for each other just would not be the same.

I was so happy to be back, to see Pádraig and the rest of the family again. And I think they were, each of them in their own way, happy to see me too:)

One thing I thought when I was away was that there really is no need to worry or to complain. Whatever worries us, whatever we need to complain about, we should just eliminate from our lives. And live the way that is best for us and our loved ones. We’ll never ever convince those who don’t get the Dreamboat.