The great Carol Moran sent me off this morning to Santiago and on to A Coruña from where I will try to figure out how Pádraig and us will walk the Camino (22-29 April).

Arrived in A Coruña, staying in a great Hostal, double room, single use, €24 per night. A far cry from Dublin prices. I got a bus down into town and wasn’t quite sure where to get off. As the bus also went through tons of one-way streets, I also didn’t know where I would get the bus back. In the end, I just stayed on it and did a one-hour bus no. 5 tour out to the famous Hercules light house and back to the train station and my hostal. Pulpo for dinner – Pádraig would have really enjoyed this – and getting ready for the morning.

It’ll be raining tomorrow, everybody says. I also can’t get my mobile wifi to work without which I’ll be pretty lost – unless I can trust the Camino sign posts? It’ll be a fun day.

I probably should be excited. In truth, I feel pretty lost and purposeless. Tomorrow will  be another, better, more purposeful day!