When good friends gave Pádraig a wheelchair enabled car they originally had bought for their mother, it changed his life. He became mobile again. In this car, he got to his first major train journey, he travelled through the length of Germany to get intensive neuro rehab in Pforzheim, and he travelled from Pforzheim through France and on the ferry to come back to Dublin. And these were just some of the longer journeys. So we are all really really grateful for that incredible gift.

Last night, he got a slightly bigger car that will make it easier for him to get in and out, and to have some additional space when he is travelling. As it happens, the ‘new’ car also is an 08, the same age, as the Doblo. It’s the only car we found big enough to take him and his wheelchair comfortably in, and the only car that drives and behaves more like a car than a van.

Today, he took his first spin in the new Sedona.

We’ll have to figure out a few details and not everything worked straight away. What we hope is that this will make it easier and more comfortable for him to travel.

Now guess what – tomorrow, I have a call scheduled with a lady who is running a place for persons with acquired brain injuries in Dublin (USA), and she has a son called Pádraig. – More in days to come…