We keep trying. What we can. Pádraig does and so do we.

There more I keep reading, talking to others, thinking about what is going on, so less I understand it.

We are all reasonable people. Living in a civilised society. Where the convention is that we help each other, especially when help is most needed. That is why we all agree that something has to be done about homelessness, drug addiction, refugees, single mothers (and fathers), the unemployed, the sick, the old, and the vulnerable.

We have the CRC and Enable Ireland helping people with disabilities from birth. With have support for persons with cancer, stroke, and renal illnesses.

We believe that people to whom a grave injustice has been done should receive compensation.

Now explain to me why young persons with a very severe acquired brain injury are left with just basic care.

The truth is: there is no reasonable explanation for this injustice and, how Prof Fins calls it: negligence.

I will make it my mission in life to change this. Help me!