Following a late night of partying not everybody made it to our weekly social gathering – but we had some new friends joining us today. It made a really nice and lovely afternoon in the company or great people. It was better than any Café could have been with a selection of home made and some bought but really excellent cakes and sweets, complemented by coffee, tea, herbal tea, milk and ice cold water.

Maybe we should call the whole enterprise the “An Saol Café”?! Pretty breathtaking what was shared this afternoon on those tables! Great food, great conversation, and brilliant company.

Now – spread the word and get your friends to join us next Saturday!

I had forgotten to mention that with the party last night and everything… but Pádraig had his first big long conversation yesterday with some of his friends who had come over to visit. You should have heard to shouts and laughter as Pádraig was having them on. Just using his bleeper. It was a miracle how they got all on with each other and how well they understood each other. It was pure fun. – The way it should be.