Have you ever sat on a bus, looking of the window, and all of a sudden, the world revealed itself to you, everything made perfect sense — and then it all vanished as quickly as it came to you, you are desperately trying to remember what it was, but it’s gone.


One of Pádraig’s friends was telling us about a day when Pádraig had one of those moments (on the bus:) and as we were talking, we were wondering if these are the moments of happiness you remember. (We were also wondering whether Pádraig had made the whole story up just to have a bit of fun.)

Does happiness come to you when you least expect it? Can it come to you when you are ‘down and out’? Does it come in short flashes, in moments?

Just found a new German song (new for me) by Sebastian Hackel, Warum sie lacht. Not bad if you can ignore his hair do:)

Und das Leben ist schön,
die Zukunft ist dran,
die Sonne scheint,
ich weiß, dass ich lachen kann,
ich geh an, was ich angehen kann.

Und ich mach Seifenblasen,
Welten spiegeln sich,
und zerplatzen aus dem Nichts.

Today is the first day of spring in Ireland, lá Fhéile Bride. The end of winter. The beginning of new life.