Two years ago today, a brave doctor pulled out the tube from Pádraig’s neck and closed his tracheostomy with a big plaster. We stayed with him in his room in the UKE day and night because we thought that he might suffocate as his doctors treating him in the other hospital had suggested. Well, he did not suffocate. Instead, there was no more suctioning, there was no more pushing a tube down his throat to take out the phlegm. All of a sudden he could taste and smell as air was passing through his nose and his mouth. And we could here his voice again.


Two years later, today, Pádraig went back into town, the Ilac Centre and Henry Street, into the shops, the supermarket in Dunnes Store and to Maplins. He had his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And a drink, a banana and chocolate.

Life is full of risks. Some are worth taking.