Everybody’s talking and nobody says a word. Everybody is running and no one makes a move. Nobody told me that there were days like these. Strange days indeed.

Strange it is, too, how little has changed since John Lennon made these observations in 1984, though I think the nazis in the bathroom just below the stairs might have moved out and came out of the closet since.

While everybody half way computer literate has heard of and has most likely used Tripadvisor to plan and prepare their holidays, and while that portal has become more important for the tourism sector than the ‘official’ tourism guides – because the entries on TripAdvisor are written by travellers like me and you, and hundreds and thousands of them, continuously – there is no such ‘TripAdvisor’ for Hospi-tales or Rehab-Tales in Ireland.

In fact, you are very much encouraged not to mention persons delivering services, even if you don’t name them, nor referring to the name of the organisations they work for.

Compare that to Germany. And the following is just a sample.

Wonder why such rate-my-hospital,  rate-my-community-service, or rate-my-rehab portals don’t exist.