I can’t hear what I’m writing. And I’m blaming Pádraig.

We’d never have gone to the Button Factory tonight – but he managed to get us invited to one of the best nights of the year: the KILA Christmas extravaganza! It was fabulous. We were right in front of the stage – and right beside the gigantic speakers.

It was the first time that a song was dedicated to us, the three of us. The best Christmas present. For us to be there. Together. It was a waltz.

Pádraig used to tell us that when he went to concerts and turned around to look back, there was never anyone in his ‘shadow’, he was just too tall. Tonight it was almost the opposite: nobody standing in front of him. But we were not sad. He, and us, had an absolutely fantastic night. It was magic and he had a great time. Thanks to KILA (and family:)! It was the perfect Christmas party!

Before we went out to the Button Factory, loads of his friends arrived at the house, many of them not knowing they were going to meet so many of their old friends they hadn’t seen before, in some cases, for months.

How different this all is from how things were a year ago. How grateful we are that all of these things are happening. Hey, life is worth living! And Pádraig is showing us how much!