Life can be fun. Especially when you do something a bit extraordinary, adventurous. Should we go down this way? Of course! C’mon, let’s go, let’s try it!

When you’re out and about with a wheelchair, you encounter all sorts of new challenges. At times, they are even sign-posted as you can see above on the picture from Pádraig’s walk today in the Botanic Gardens!

Imagine a sign warning: “Caution – pot holes in footpath” or “This footpath partially blocked on Thursdays (bin day)”!

Sometimes we need signs to warn us, to get our attention, to tell us what we should be doing. Right? – Well, if that is the case, then…

We should have signs all over our cities and towns saying: “Life is worth living – leave no one behind!” – “Dreamboaters – full steam ahead against the current” – “The end? – Ha! Watch me!”

Which sign would you like to see?