They said the wind was up to 110 km/h. The rain drops were more like small blades cutting into your face. Of course, the Germans were well prepared. The bridge over to the Arche Noah Restaurant was packed with people testing their outdoor gear originally made for Mount Everest expeditions. I’m sure that to them we looked like bloody tourists completely unprepared for the elements:)

The walk across the bridge was brilliant. The wind literally blew the blues aways and cleared the head. Going back tomorrow. Can’t wait to see Pádraig again. He has an appointment in  a special assisted technology clinic for tomorrow morning I’ll be missing – hope it’ll be the first of several. Should also hear from the HSE and hopefully from the Department of Health about the An Saol Project application.

Just found another example of how unconnected I am:) Palmen aus Plastik (in Hamburg und Berlin) von Bonez Mc & Raf Camora. Worlds apart from Dylan, Young, Morrison, Simon or Joni Mitchell.