I’m waiting but don’t want to can’t really have no patience and above all no time to wait or to waste all the scandals all the disasters of the world in far away places caused by nature, man, or elections the pressures of work I’m not even doing anymore programmes being restructured work being dismantled price of coffee being raised none of this is really touching me anymore all of these things have no impact whatsoever on my reality I mean what difference do all of these things really make and I mean really make none is the answer whether a therapist comes to help Pádraig depends on much simpler factors like how much money have we got and for how long will it last if we pay for all the therapy Pádraig needs or are we able to find the right therapists or will the traffic on the M50 delay people coming to the house when will the builders finish the snag list what kind of broadband should we get or what is the best way to get the TV channels Pádraig and us would enjoy which and where are the good places and occasions to bring Pádraig to how can his friends be best involved with him yes visiting but also doing how can we build and maintain a circle of friends for all of us how will be able to do the camino travel to Lourdes and to Alaska and to Pforzheim and spend the summer in Tating enjoy life as it is enjoy life make the best out of it when will we hear from the HSE why are politicians not in touch and is the project proposal included in the service plan questions hard to answer when a stupid flu makes me feel 30 years older feeling miserable useless fearful of spreading whatever first caused my voice to disappear then a headache and now waves of coughs that come out of nowhere and make it hard to breathe it’s getting better all the time but it’s hard to see on certain days hard to appreciate it hard to extract myself from daily routine though it is not really a routine and instead to look forward and in bigger terms this day is done tomorrow is another day if not better than at least new, fresh, full of promises.