The story continues. Today it emerged that Homer got it right (as always:) when he predicted ten years ago that Donald Trump would be President.


Or was it 16 years ago, as The Mirror says in its posting and a short video of the show?

A reality TV show, a cartoon, has morphed into reality.

I’m still coughing and sweating, trying to get over the headache and feel pretty useless, almost like being in the way.

One of Pádraig’s friends came over for a visit today and Pádraig used, for the first time, the new setup on his Tobii Dynavox – starting with ‘hello, how are you?’, not telling his friend what he wanted to drink or eat or wear, definitely not his, nor anybody’s favourite topics of a light conversation, but asking him what kind of music he was listening to, whether he had been to any concerts recently, or whether there were any new interesting clips on YouTube. He said ‘good-bye’ saying that he hoped to see him again soon.

That’s what I call ‘inclusion’. None of this would have been possible without the help and support of a professional therapist who’ve made it her mission to support Pádraig communicating with the people around him, to not just be the recipient of ‘messages’, but the sender, the initiator.

Being able to listen is good and necessary. But sometimes you have to be able to say things. And Pádraig will be getting to the point where those ‘things’ are going to be more substantial than about food or music or clothes. D’oh!