When I was looking, over the weekend, for a way to walk the “way”, the Camino (just the last 100km:), with Pádraig I came across this project that two friends undertook: walking the whole of the Camino, all 800km, one by foot, the other in a wheelchair. I remembered that I had read about their story some months ago and looked it up again. They are now making a film about their journey and hope to release it next year. They are also writing a book that they plan publishing in 2017, as they announced on their Facebook site.


But above all, they thank their sponsors, one being a company in Vancouver that makes the wheelchairs they used. – It’s phenomenal. Really great. Wonder if there is a company in Europe making a chair like that?

So the plans are progressing. And there’s nothing like having a good plan, to make God smile!