Tons of pictures. A set about the way to the graveyard on All Souls Day with Pádraig to visit his gran’s grave. Another set about some really engaging work today with Pádraig’s communications device, the Tobii Dynavox.

Here’s the way up to Glasnevin Graveyard from Iona.

It’s maybe a 30 minute walk. But it’s got everything from near to unsurmountable really high up footpath’s that cannot be reached without heavy lifting to what amounts to high ramps crossing the footpath. It’s unbelievable. Add to that the fact that today was bin day and many of the bins were blocking the way for a wheelchair and you get the picture. It’s really hard, and at times almost impossible. to navigate Pádraig’s wheelchair up to and into the graveyard. If you were in a wheelchair on your own, it would definitely not be possible.

Next set of pictures is from the incredibly engaging work Pádraig did today with a speech and language therapist (SLT). So far, the options on his Tobii Dynavox were all geared to tell people about what he would like to drink or eat, or how he felt. Today it was all about asking questions and getting others to tell him about how they are doing.

It’ll all be refined a bit more – but this was so interesting to put together that Pádraig was fully engaged for two hours. Actually, it was him who put all this together – yes, prompted by the SLT (and by us a bit), but he was telling us what he wanted to have in there and what not, which pictures he felt worked best and which not. It was a full two hours that he was fully engaged, an absolutely exhausting enterprise but so important to him that he really gave all he had.

Next item we need to talk about is travel and exploring:)

What was that again about concentrating on the important stuff? It really does work!