When I started this blog just under three years ago, real nail biting drama was the order of the day. There were days when Pádraig’s life was on the edge and every day was an uncertainty. Tragedy was waiting just around the corner.

Contrast this with today, with yesterday, and the past weekend. It’s almost boring in comparison because the days seem to be so normal, one quite similar to the other, very few if any unexpected things are happening, while Pádraig certainly is not out of danger and still very vulnerable, the way he is today compared to where he was then cannot even be compared.

Subsequently, what I am sharing with whoever still finds the time and the interested to visit this blog is pretty ‘pedestrian’, day-to-day stuff, probably a bit boring and predictable.

Though – here is an account, a short but hard hitting one, that is far from all of this and it is one that brought back to me the reality of our life. A friend from Madrid contacted me yesterday to say that the daughter of a good friend of hers, a 15 year old girl on a school exchange in Canada, had had an accident and had suffered a very severe brain injury. Her parents had gone over to Canada to be with her and my friend was wondering whether there was any way in which I could help.

By the time I answered her today, the 15 year old girl had died. Words cannot describe such a tragedy. May she rest in peace and may her parents, family, and friends find the strength to cope.