What have Suzane Vega, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and Rod Steward have in common? – They all recorded a song, a different song, about ‘Maggie (Mae)’. Even the Simpsons have a ‘Maggie’. Have been trying to find out what the name means and found different views on what it stands for. Maybe it’s just a very popular name? – Any ideas?


You probably think ‘this guys seems to have plenty of time looking for explanations for the most unimportant things!’. Truth is, I don’t really. But from time to time you just have to do whatever comes to your mind, whether it’s ‘useful’ or not. Right?

I’m listening at the John Creedon Show on RTE Radio 1 who is playing really great music. Makes you wonder why on earth anyone would ever watch the telly – if you can listen to really great music. Pádraig is beside me in his bed, listening as well, half asleep, very much like myself.

It feels good and close and the way it probably should be. Kind of a quiet evening in. Wonder what you are doing tonight?