Don’t know where to start.img_3106 img_3100 So many things happened today. The night was hectic, most o aFrom a meeting with the Rotary Club in Santa Monica in the morning to the meeting with Rotary Club members at the house of a Rotary member who has a daughter who suffered a severe Acquired Brain Injury in a car accident many years ago and really recovered so much with the help of her parents.

In between 108km of what must be one of the most beautiful bicycle rides in the world. From Santa Monica we passed through Venice Beach, the most amazing beach I’d ever seen – not just because of the really clean and golden sand, but equally because of the people and the general atmosphere of the place. Further up North, we passed through Malibu with the most amazing houses overlooking some of the most amazing cost line you could imagine,

I first really enjoyed the whole experience immensely. Cycling along the Pacific Coast on the Marin Bike felt like flying. It was breath-taking. Literally. I was also very happy that (unlike in Boston) my back side this time seemed to have withheld the pressure.

Tonight we are staying with the most wonderful couple in their most amazing house in Ventura. It’s late here and I am shattered – though, I’m the last man ‘standing’. My friends just fell to the side tonight and started to sleep immediately. I’ll follow their example now and will try to gather some strength for an early morning start!

Day 4 will be Ventura to Solvang.