This morning, the Neurology Model of Care Plan was launched – four hours of presentations and they were not finished when I left. Unless I missed it, there was no schedule, no budget and no one responsible for its implementation. The director general of the HSE promised they would start with its implementation in the next period, whatever and whenever that is. Hundreds of pages of glossy paper and, obviously, a huge amount of work. Infinitely removed from our every-day reality. When will they ever learn?

I wanted to shout “stop” when they mentioned that access to a neurologist or an MRI scan was 18 months. No-one else in the audience seemed to feel any outrage. That’s the way it is. Bad.

Later, I brought Pádraig’s car into the garage and had three meetings about Dublin becoming more welcoming for people with disabilities with the help of technology, physiotherapy services for An Saol, and a Board Meeting.

Meeting – Billy Kelleher, Fianna Fail spokesperson for Health, tomorrow morning in Leinster House, the Irish Parliament. It’ll be my first visit there. Hoping that the main opposition party will support the An Saol project. Fingers crossed.

Meetings. Left. Right. And Centre.

Tired. Hoping it’ll all be worthwhile.