I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA… Keep on California Dreaming’. If you’re goin’ to San Francisco…

This was Flower Power time. The dudes were cool, groovy, outa sight boss, with plenty of MJ and brew, dig it?

So here is one of these combos who wrote a few anthems of this time: The Mamas and the Papas in sunny California.

I looked them up on youtube and, guess what? They look like the most un-coolestest gang ever. Check this out! Who made that hat? Who cut the other guys hair??!

Wow! Is this music?

Pádraig is listening again to his CD’s, CD’s friends brought in when they visited. It’s such a brilliant way to dream, close your eyes, and travel to wherever you would like to. From the #GreatAmericanCycle we will need to post short videos, pictures, music all the time to include Pádraig as much a possible. Dreamboaters on Tour! Can you dig that?!