The little know-all innocently looking girl knows it, and the smart guy from AT&T knows it too: More is Better. We want more!

Today we got more. Both, from Pádraig and for Pádraig. Have a look! Check out, how he stood, with almost not support! He walked in two different walking machines/mechanism (one was the famous and shockingly expensive ‘Vector’) suspended from the ceiling in a ‘jump suit’ – and we learned why it might be better (at least at them moment) if he continued his attempts to walk with people (rather than machine) support.

Our last day here in Pforzheim for this session of intensive neuro rehab is fast approaching. Each day here it became more apparent why we need more, and why we need more in Ireland – what is the point in trying so hard here and not continuing the effort with the right equipment and the right staff back home?