Spent a bit of time today talking to our friend in Napa who is organising the welcome party for us at the end of the #GreatAmericanCycle. Looks like we’ll be meeting a group of professional American cyclists in Novato at the Marin Cycle HQ at 12:30 on Saturday, 15 October 2016, to cycle that last 3:30 hours with us to Napa. Could it be any more concrete?

To be honest, it’s so concrete it really scares me.


Now we just need to organise something like that for the start in Hollywood and the bit in the middle will sort itself out.

It’s a bit worrying that we seem to do everything the other way (note I didn’t say the ‘wrong way’) round. But, hey! This was never going to be an ordinary cycle!

If we cycle from Finish to Start, i.e. from South to North (instead from North to South like almost everybody else) – there’s no harm to organise the last leg long before we deal with the first one. Right?

Pádraig had a slow, quiet day today. A lazy morning with a late breakfast. Easy-going lunch. A walk into town. A bit of shopping in C&A (he picked a great looking jumper for himself). It’s the last weekend in Pforzheim. It’s just two weeks ’til I’ll be packing the bags for the #GreatAmericanCycle.

T. S. Eliot once said that “What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.

Time flies, though. Even if, at times, we start things from the end and work our way up to the start. Time just disappears into nothing and is lost forever.