16 Steps – sounds doable. Even with a severe acquired Brain Injury.


Actually, it didn’t to me when Pádraig’s physio announced that Pádraig was going to go up the stairs today. No ‘special’ stairs. No ‘physio’ or fake stairs. Real stairs. The one we are going up and down several times a day to go to the Bistro or to attend a therapy session. I’m no physio myself, but I’d say there are few physios around who would have dared to do this.

But we did. Pádraig did walk up the stairs. With help. But he did. And he made a huge effort to lift up his legs. It looks ‘difficult’ but it turned out to be much, much easier than any of us had imagined because Pádraig did so much of this himself.


To be honest, I thought I was dreaming.

Now – what’ll be next?