Germany is full of surprises. As you would expect, it’s not necessarily a “fun”-kind of surprises. This is not a “fun” country. Its more a solid, established, a ‘we-all-know-how-this-is-done-and-we-won’t-do-it-any-other-way’ place. Everything has its place. And that includes the seasons. These days it’s all about Herbst: autumn recipes, autumn drinks, autumn decorations, autumn colours for your wallpaper,


Could you imagine Irish people asking whether you are already in autumn mood, suggesting a few decorations for your home? What’s next? Christmas?

Pforzheim today brought memories of home. This morning, Carol Moran sent greetings to Pádraig and myself at around 7:45 which was really nice! This afternoon it started to rain all of a sudden, after a week of temperatures in the low 30s.

It stopped me from going out ‘training’ for the Great American Cycle #2 on my new bike that I bought yesterday, on what the Germans call “Verhandlungsbasis”, like the asking price. The person selling it via a bike shop was looking for a massive 60 euro but came down to 50, which left me 10 euro for a pump and a spare tube. It’s a German made bike, it has a brilliant Shimano set, and look at these tyres: just perfect!