On Sunday morning, really early, we’ll fly to Germany, the second time this year, to get intensive neurological rehabilitation for Pádraig. Four weeks of really hard work, of pushing ourselves to the limit, falling into the bed in the evening with no energy left, waking up in the morning full of excitement of the things to come. It would be just that little bit too much to think about this as a ‘holiday’, but it’ll be a great break and a great boost for Pádraig and, indeed, for us. Nothing like a “Tapetenwechsel”, as I would have said in my good auld German days… (I’m afraid this is one of those German words you can’t translate literally.) Really looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, we’ll be missing the fabulous Coffee Morning organised by Marie and her family.


Whatever you do – get ready for the most amazing coffee morning in aid of ‘Caring for Pádraig’. Please spread the word and invite your family and friends over to Marie’s and Fergus’ house this coming Sunday, 28 September, 11am – 3pm, in 85 St. Mobhi Road! 

I got up real early this morning to get out clean trousers and a clean shirt and my smartest looking shoes to make it on time for 7:45 to the TV3 studios and my 7 minutes of fame on the global stage of morning TV with IrelandAM.

It was nerve-wrecking and terribly exciting. Both, Sinead Desmond and Ian Nocher, as well as Heather Blackbyrne were great. I managed to watch the few minutes that I was on when I came back home on 3e and couldn’t believe how well they had put the piece together and how well they had used the pictures and video clips I had sent on to them. – The interview is now up on TV3 player, check it out!

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