Anyone who was at Ruth’s birthday party (personally, I think “party” gives away her age – what do you think?:) last Saturday week, and those who couldn’t make it but still donated to An Saol, a major “thank you” for an extremely generous response!


Beyond making an extremely generous donation, Ruth’s guests (100+) now all know about An Soal and the An Saol Project. If they told a few of their friends about the scandal that is the neglect by the State of persons with severe acquired brain injury and the need for the An Saol Project to get – by whatever means – the 1.5m euro funding it requires, then a few hundred people, just in Ireland will be talking about this. Wow – would that make a difference!

Here comes the sun doododoodo… {with subtitles for our dear friends in Spain}

Talking about making a difference, the article in today’s The Irish Sun (“please, please, now really – the *Irish* SUN?”, I here you asking), the paper, has certainly made a difference. Not sure whether the young journalist who wrote the story or, indeed, his slightly more weathered news editor realised the coverage this article was going to get today. Not exactly sure how Facebook works, but the link I posted today reached 3,654 people – unfortunately, I don’t know how many hits the article on The Irish Sun’s website received. There is one important office though who must have read it.

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Today, at 14:37, I received an email from the private secretary of the Minister of Health, Simon Harris TD, apologising for the delay in responding to my communications, assuring that the issues raised are being examined, and that he would get back to me shortly. Hhhhmmm.