All of a sudden, so many things are beginning to happen that I feel: Dizzy. So dizzy my head is spinning…

More families are bringing their sons home. More families are beginning to speak out. See the Irish Independent and the Irish Mirror.

We had contact with two other families ready to support An Saol. It looks like the Irish Times and, hopefully, RTÉ will be picking up on the enormous contribution the An Saol Project will make to claim the human rights of those who are offered end of life treatment when they have their lives ahead of them.

We will rock the boat.

There is a dynamic beginning to develop that will not stop until real change and justice is delivered to those who survived a severe brain injury.

Pádraig continues to get much better control of his body and is showing tremendous alertness. He is continuing to make such big efforts to get better, to regain as much control over his body, his mind, and his environment as possible. He, and others, need our support to succeed. And succeed they will. Together, we will overcome the current mind sets. Together we will change the hearts and minds of people who cannot look beyond the horizon – and will “never” get dizzy!

I will go and climb Croagh Patrick with a group of friends from Longford this coming Saturday. Let me know if you want a lift to basecamp and we meet up.