I remember that summer in Dublin, and the Liffey as it stank like hell, and young people walking down Grafton Street, everyone looking so well…

What an iconic song! What an iconic swim. One of the most famous in the world. The only one going right through a capital city. Pádraig swam this some years ago. Today we walked along the river towards the Customs House, following the swimmers, negotiating our way around a true obstacle course. Dublin’s Quays are not made for wheelchairs.

It was a brilliant day, meeting ‘old’ swimming friends Pádraig had not met for more than three years. Man, life’s worth living but it’s also pretty tough at times. But that’s what it’s about. And the people that are with you all the time, be they fabulous or tough or sometimes both.

After the swim, Pádraig was off to a surprise party for one of his best friends who has decided to hand in his job and head of to Nepal. He’ll get rid of his phone, his laptop, and start writing post cards and letters again… I had to think of Into the Wild. One way tickets. Burning what you own and what is so precious: money, photographs, driving license, passport. Nothing left really to worry about, at least not any possessions. Free the mind to focus on what matters.

Sounds good to me, to be honest.