Have you experienced –

sense deprivation?

physical – no smell, no touch, no taste, no control, …

mental – logic, truthfulness, compassion, understanding, common sense, …

A sense-less world? Even for a short period but sufficiently tough and unforgiving that you will remember forever?

If you have experienced sense-less-ness you are ready for change, ready to do what it takes to restore sense and senses. – If you haven’t we should help you to experience it. Because it’s worth it. Your life will not be the same afterwards.

Pádraig is taking big steps forward. When standing in his stand-up bed, he can – when we ask him – relax his left leg, stand just on his right leg, and then straighten this left leg again; and do the same with his right leg. He can lift up a long exercise stick with his two arms a couple of times. Today, he moved his legs to one side when Pat was trying to turn him in his bed, just to help her.

Support for An Saol and the An Saol Project is picking up. There are a number of fundraisers about to happen, incredible initiatives just based on the efforts of individuals who believe that An Saol needs to happen, there is no alternative.

Bringing sense to a sense-less world!