Lando: I had no choice. They arrived right before you did. I’m sorry.
Han Solo: I’m sorry too.
Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back (1980)


While Lando apparently did not (they did arrive before Han Solo, after all), you do. Have a choice. You can decide how you’re going to answer the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. As we even have the question now (thanks to someone who identified himself as the ‘Oisín’): “Whatcha gotta do in life?”, you have no excuse for not making your mind up about the answer. Is it ’42’? Or is it ‘Gotta keep it rollin’? – It’s up to you and no-one else to make that decision.

Pádraig is doing really well starting to make noises. Not just any noises at any auld time. But noises appropriate to the situation (at least from his point of view:). It sounds like comments at times (big ‘sighs’ at some senseless comment I made, for example) or ‘calls’ when he is uncomfortable during the night, or when he wakes up in the morning (at 6am:). He also has a different routine now, with a bit more regular scheduled exercise, standing, moving his arms, moving his hands, moving different items with his hands. At the same time he keeps cycling the MOTOMed, almost always in first gear and then, for five minutes, even in second gear. Today was the first time I showered him with one of his carers which worked out really well.

Tomorrow, we’ll have a meeting with two HSE managers. A gardener will check the weeds and some other stuff. The builders will be back fixing things. Another busy day. We have a choice. And we gotta keep it rollin’! That’s what I’ve learned from Pádraig. And you have helped me more than you’ll can ever imagine. To keep it rollin’.