He didn’t win it. A good friend brought it to the house for Pádraig to see what one of his ‘old’ pals has been up to. After the Leinster win, just a couple of matches away from the All Ireland! How cool is that!


It had slipped my mind during the week, with so many things happening. It has been one of the most difficult weeks, one where I questioned what I was doing here. What we were doing here.

Next week, we’ll have a meeting with the HSE, following up on the shattering phone call of last week. What will be the outcome of that meeting?

I don’t think, I have met anybody who wouldn’t have been surprised and appalled about the lack of neuro rehabilitation we have encountered. What you would expect is the ‘system’ offering Pádraig every possible opportunity to recover whatever he can recover with the best possible support. They tell us they don’t have the resources. They tell us this is the way the system works.

Is anyone up for change? Not pity. Real, radical change. Because that is what Pádraig and so many others like him need. Now. They have lost enough. It must be their time now to win!