Just realised that this is the first summer in many years that I’m spending at home. A whole new feeling. The really long hours of daylight, the cold summer days, the lush vegetation. It’s so brilliant for Pádraig to go outside, to have the doors and the windows open, to get the fresh air and the sunlight, to go out for walks.

This afternoon, I gave an invited talk at the UCD SmartLab Summer Spectacular about An Saol and met the most amazing group of academics doing the most incredible kind of research, all connected to assistive technology. It felt like the beginning of a beautiful new friendship with people who are not just experts and practitioners in their fields, they are also so incredibly motivated and enthusiastic about what they are doing. They “share a commitment to creative technology innovation for real social change.”  Thank you to the fabulous Prof Lizbeth Goodman for the invitation and the opportunity to spent some time in the company of some real special people.

They could be, maybe they are, Dreamboaters!