Brendan O’Connor summed it up his Opinion piece in today’s Sunday Independent. (Click on the picture below to get to the full article or just read two quotes from it a bit further down.)

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But there is a plague of heartbreak around this country among people and their families who have had their lives ruined by accidents and accidents of birth and accidents of fate. And those people work so hard to try and not let these things ruin them. They draw on reserves of love and the human spirit that most of us can’t comprehend. But the State and the system ruins their lives all over again. And they are bamboozled at every turn by doors closing in their faces.

The world deals some people a shitty blow and all too often the system then kicks them in the face all their lives. It’s a massive, out-of-control broken system that wastes money at every turn.

I know you shouldn’t wash your dirty linen in public. But here you are. I am so annoyed at my family. Last week, not sure if you’ll remember, I got a lesson in how to make the most delicious wholemeal bread. The two loafs I made under strict instruction were absolutely beautiful. Today was my turn to do it all on my own. Everything was in place, including the recipe. What did my family do? – They went out to the shops and bought bread, “just to be on the safe side”. I mean – are they for real??? Have a bit of faith!!! — In the end, today’s loafs worked out perfectly and the ‘shop bread’ went into the freezer.

Pádraig had two friends visiting him tonight. Together, we watched the first half of the European Soccer Final, before it all got too late and Pádraig had to go to bed. Portugal played brilliantly and deserved to win – for some reason,, I had not sympathy for eh French team…