This morning, Cian and I went to the Office of the Attorney General where we met the Chief of the Victim Witness Services Division and the Deputy Chief of the Policy & Government Division. The Deputy Attorney General and the Chief of the Criminal Bureau sent their apologies as they were out of town.

We gave a brief account of the accident, our meeting with the Brewster Police Department and their investigation into the accident, and summarised the content of the letters we had written last year and, again, this year.

We were told that the letter had only reached the desk of the Deputy Attorney General a few days ago. We were given an apology for the unacceptable delay in dealing with our letters. The good news is that the letter will now be dealt with directly by the chief of the Criminal Division. When asked when we could expect a decision on whether a thorough review of the police investigation would be conducted, we were told that this could take approximately one month. We were also told to expect a phone call from the Criminal Division.

When I asked whether a written submission would usually be acknowledged in writing and whether a decision on a written request would be communicated in writing, we were told that this would usually happen via a telephone call.

So what is the net outcome of the meeting?

The fact that the meeting took place by itself was good as it put the issue back on the agenda (if it ever had been on it, that is). The representatives we met and talked to, unfortunately are not the ones who would review the investigation, nor could they give us any opinion on how they felt it was conducted. While their apologies were very much appreciated and certainly very sincere, we will have to wait and see whether anything concrete will come out of it. – I am still so shocked about the way Pádraig’s accident was investigated. Something like this cannot allowed to happen again. This was, after all, and as he acknowledged, the worst accident that the Chief of Police had had to deal with in his career. It merited more attention.

Haven’t got any news from the Áras and Pádraig’s visit there yet – BUT a phone call from the Taoiseach’s office with an apology from the Taoiseach as he could not attend last Saturday’s launch of the An Saol Project. I asked whether I could see the Taoiseach and explain to him what An Saol is all about, at a day and time of his convenience. – I’m now on the waiting list for a meeting:)

Still extremely tired – but will see a couple of Boston-based friends this evening in Harvard Square.